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Rabta (PBC Abbottabad Production)
September 06, 2019

Programme: Rabta

Rabta is a weekly programme of FM101 Abbottabad, broadcast from FM101 Abbottabad every Monday and Tuesday on 02:30pm.The main purpose of this programmeto aware the people about the different facilities provided by the different departments and also discuss the problems of the people.Special Interview of SP Headquarters Mr. Qumar Hayyat Khan and Legal Expert Malik Saeed Akhtar Advocate regarding awareness campaign in connection with increasing number of Child sexual abuse in Abbottabad District

Format: Interview

Interviewer: Khurram Shahzad

Interviewee: QumarHiyat Khan (SP Headquarters, Abbottabad) & Malik SaeedAkhtar (Advocate)

Producer: Muhammad Houn Usman

Production: PBC Abbottabad