Friday, 28 February 2020, 07:09:13 am
Documentary: Qila Kohna Qasim (Multan Fort)
February 03, 2020



Multan Fort or Old Fort (also known as Qila Kohna) was built about 2600 years ago on a high mound in the center of the city, on the bank of River Chanab and Ravi to defend the city against invaders from west and north according to the history. It was destroyed and rebuilt again and again. The last fort was built 1100 years ago. It was a semi-circular fort of 7000 feet long wall with 46 bastions and four gates namely Khizri Gate, Hareiri Gate, Sikki Gate and Qasim Gate. There was a 25 feet deep and 40 feet wide ditch to protect the fortifications near the wall. The fort was destroyed by the armies of Ranjeet Singh in 1818 AD and finally it was totally demolished by the bombardment of the British army in 1848-49. But the place of old fort is still the most favorite and cherished place of visitors from all around the world. Listen this special documentary which encompasses all historic evidences regarding this fort.


Script: Mumtaz Athar

Narrator: Waseem Babar Gill

Recording Engineer: Muhammad Farhan Jamshaid

Producer: Naeem Akbar Khosa

It is PBC Multan Production.