Monday, 15 October 2018, 11:18:26 pm

Our Mission

The mission of Radio Pakistan is to:-

(a) provide broadcasting services for general reception in all parts of Pakistan through Home and External Services for the purposes of disseminating information‚ education and entertainment through programmes which maintain a proper balance in their subject-matter and a high general standard of quality and morality;

(b) broadcast such programmes as may promote Islamic ideology‚ national unity and principles of democracy‚ freedom‚ equality‚ tolerance and social justice as enunciated by Islam; discourage parochial‚ racial‚ tribal‚ sectarian‚ linguistic and provincial prejudices and reflect the urges and aspirations of the people of Pakistan;
(c) broadcast in the Homes Services such special programmes as the Federal Government may‚ from time to time‚ direct;

(d) broadcast programmes in the External Services to such countries and in such languages and at such times as the Federal Government may‚ from time to time‚ direct;

(e) bring to public awareness the whole range of significant activity and to present news or events in as factual‚ accurate and impartial a manner as possible;

(f) carry out instructions of the Federal Government with regard to general pattern or policies in respect of programmes‚ announcements and news to be put out on the air from time to time;

(g) hold the existing and to construct or acquire and establish or install additional stations and apparatus;

(h) hold the existing and to construct or acquire additional equipment and apparatus for telephony in Pakistan for purpose of broadcasting;

(i) compile‚ prepare‚ print‚ publish‚ issue‚ circulate and distribute‚ with or without charge‚ such papers‚ magazines‚ periodicals‚ books‚ circulars and other such matter as may be conducive to any of the functions of the PBC; and

(j) collect news and information in any part of the world in any manner that may be deemed fit.