Monday, 20 May 2019, 12:00:57 pm
Indian political elite has to amend its anti-Pakistan rhetoric:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot afford to create any hurdle in opening of Kartarpur corridor. Prime Minister Imran khan has taken a great initiative which is highly beneficial for regional peace. Kartarpur corridor can play a significant role to bring the people of two countries closer. Such peace initiatives do not suit the Indian hegemonic designs to dominate the region by sabotaging peace. Indian political elite have to amend its anti-Pakistan rhetoric and asserted diplomacy. BJP politics is based on extremism, sectarianism and hatred. India should learn from its mistakes. Pakistan military and political leadership are on the same page regarding defense of the nation. Afghan reconciliation process has successfully reached to its next level. Pakistan has emerged as an ambassador of peace in the region. Kartarpur has great significance as for as its geographical location is concerned. Opening of Kartarpur border is being lauded by Sikh community all over the world. Indian government must finish anti Pakistan propaganda and move ahead to normalize the ties between two countries for the welfare of the people.