Saturday, 20 July 2019, 10:24:14 am
Brig (retired) Said Nazir emphasizes for breaking nexus between RAW, NDS.

Brig (Retd) Said Nazir (Defense Analyst):

The need of the time is to break the nexus between terrorist groups operating under the supervision of NDS and RAW as they are being covertly supported to come and hit the soft targets in Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself admitted that India is involved in internal affairs of Pakistan and instability in Baluchistan by supporting and providing financial assistance to terrorist groups. The attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi was planned in Afghanistan and carried out with the help of Indian agency RAW & Afghan agency NDS. There is ample and undeniable evidence that India is involved in sabotage activities and financing terrorism in Pakistan. There are also statements of top Indian leaders about using terrorism against Pakistan.