Friday, 19 July 2019, 06:24:17 am
Modi regime has failed to control anti-Muslim violence:

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert): Since independence of India in 1947, numerous incidents of violence against Indian Muslims have occurred. BJP government has failed to control, the anti Muslims violence, like the demolition of Babri Mosque by Hindu mobs in December 1992 and BJP leadership is also accused of encouraging the RSS activists to hold out anti-Muslims violence. The major world powers should take notice and not only ask the Indian government to cease Hindu violence on the Muslims in mainland India, but also ask it to end its state terrorism and the atrocities being committed on the people of disputed Jammu and Kashmir. Hinduism not only consigns members of lower castes to a life of continuous suffering, it also teaches them to accept their sufferings as the logical consequence of their misdeeds in their previous life.