Thursday, 01 October 2020, 11:54:32 pm
Kashmiris are determined to achieve their Right to Self-Determination as promised in UN resolutions

Dr. Rasool Baksh Raees (IR Expert): China and Russia have rejected the Indian narrative on Kashmir issue. India always alleged Pakistan in order to isolate it but Pakistan's narrative and positive attitude has always been acknowledged by the civilized countries. Pakistan is effectively responding to every Indian allegation. On the other hand, the brave Kashmiris are determined to get their right to self-determination as promised in UN resolutions and will never compromise on the fundamental rights. India has made all out efforts to remove Kashmir issue from UNSC agenda but has to face a complete failure in this regard. Indian narrative on Kashmir issue has also been rejected at SCO forum. Kashmir dispute has become the nuclear flashpoint and without the solution to this core dispute the Indo-Pak relations can never be normal.