Friday, 02 October 2020, 12:25:09 am
Pakistan is a country most affected by cross-border terrorism, sponsored and supported by India:

Dr. Khurram Iqbal (Expert on International Relations): India has a long history of accusing Pakistan in the issues in which it is involved itself.  India is involved in cross-border terrorism since long. In 1971 war, Mukti Bahini played its role in division of Eastern and Western Pakistan. Moreover, India is also involved in assisting financially to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan to carryout terrorist activities in our tribal areas Pakistan. Till date the Indian government is also involved in state sponsored terrorism in Balochistan. The apprehension of Kulbhushan Yadhav is clear example of Indian involvement in our country. It seems that United States has changed its priorities from countering terrorism to countering China. United States is chasing an imaginary enemy that is China as China is emerging as new global and economic power. United States wants to use India as its strategic partner to stop the increasing influence of China in the region. It is the matter of time that United States is violating all international laws in its desire to counter Russia and China whereas China seeks an honorable place in the world. India is taking the advantage of its alliance with the super power and adopting aggressive and hegemonic policies. India is a country that is being lead by an extremist political wing RSS that was once banned for its terrorist activities. Both India and United States are accusing Pakistan for what Pakistan has not done.