Sunday, 27 September 2020, 10:49:08 pm
India's nefarious designs and peace-spoiling acts stand exposed before the world:

Air Vice Marshal, retired, Ikramullah Bhatti (Defense Analyst): Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices in fight against terrorism in terms of infrastructure, financial and human loss. The outlawed Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility of terrorist attack on PSE through social media. The target locations selected for the terrorist attacks in the past indicate that India was the sole beneficial of such attacks. Attack on the Pakistan stock exchange symbolizes the enemy's intention to destabilize Pakistan's economy. It is high time for Pakistan to submit all evidences before of the international community to expose India's nefarious designs. The US tilt towards India has further escalated the tensions in the South Asian region. It is high time for Pakistan to convince the world powers to pressurize India to stop destabilizing Pakistan through terrorism.