Friday, 10 July 2020, 09:14:21 pm
New Delhi is involved in subversive activities in Pakistan to destabilize country’s peace and stability:

Lieutenant General, retired, Asif Yasin Malik (Former Secretary Defense):  Pakistan stock exchange is the economic nerve of the country. The terrorists are targeting our security agencies. It is a pre-planned attack to terrorize the people of Pakistan. Terrorists want to give a message that people in Pakistan are not safe. The whole world is eyeing upon the security situation in Pakistan. India is involved in subversive activities to destabilize peace and security in Pakistan. The terrorists have chosen an important day to commit this heinous crime. India is not part of the solution it is part of the problem. India is playing a role of peace spoiler in the region. Pakistan’s valiant armed forces are fully prepared to deter any aggression against their country.