Friday, 26 April 2019, 02:56:05 am
International community should pressurize India to stop arm race in the region:

The racist Modi government is following anti-Pakistan doctrine. Pakistan is an important regional player and being a responsible nuclear state, it believes in minimum deterrence and peace full coexistence. India is responsible for initiating arm race and atomic race in the region. India should shun its belligerent and war-mongering attitude and behave sensibly. New Delhi should end constant blustering and stop creating an atmosphere of war mongering. Pakistan is capable enough to give befitted response to any misadventure but we believe in the policy of minimum deterrence. India must realize that any misadventure with a nuclear state can lead to a mass catastrophe. International community should not fold a blind eye on regional situation and pressurize India to stop arm race in the region to avoid any disaster.