Monday, 24 February 2020, 07:39:05 am
The Joint communiqué of UNHCR against continues Indian human rights violation in occupied Kashmir is motivating for Kashmiris and Muslim Ummah:

Ikramullah Bhatti (Defense Analyst):

The Joint statement of UNHCR against continues curfew and human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir committed by India is motivating for Kashmiris and Muslim Ummah. It is a good opportunity for Pakistan to highlight Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir and Pakistan should take full advantage of it through effective diplomacy. It will definitely mount pressure on India to review its decision of revoking Article 370 and imposition of curfew in occupied Kashmir. China, Russia, United States and Great Britain being the major stakeholder needs to play a mediation role in resolving Kashmir issue as per Kashmiris will. The Kashmiri martyrs who have risen against the forces of repression and their sacrifices would not go in vain.