Sunday, 20 October 2019, 11:47:12 pm
Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government use all fora to attract foreign investors to invest in Pakistan

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist)

After the 9/11 incident, Pakistan has been badly affected by the menace of terrorism more than any other country. We have lost over 70,000 precious lives along with huge financial losses as well. The world is also acknowledging the role of Pakistan in this regard. At this critical time, CPEC is wave of fresh air for our country. Pakistan conveyed a message to the world despite of crises; Pakistan still has great potential for the foreign investment. The Prime Minister and his cabinet are using all fora to attract and motivate the foreign investors to invest in Pakistan. The ranking and rating of Pakistan is improving. The support of civil society and state institution is vital as government can do nothing all alone. Pakistan is recovering from a growth which was fueled by short term debt and declining investments. The focus of this government is to raise capital by encouraging foreign direct investment in the country, fostering exports and productivity rather than imports and consumption.