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Pakistan will continue supporting Kashmiris: Fakhar
October 31, 2019

Chairman Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Affairs Syed Fakhar Imam says Pakistan will continue supporting just struggle of Kashmiris till they achieve their right to self-determination as promised in the UN Resolutions.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs Channel, he said India has deployed 900,000 troops against eight million population of the occupied Kashmir, which has become unprecedentedly highly militarized zone in the world.  He said Modi regime is committing barbarism in Occupied Kashmir in pursuit of ultranationalist Hindutva philosophy of RSS, which started since 1923.

Syed Fakhar Imam said Pakistan considers Kashmir a disputed territory as recognized in UN Security Council Resolutions of 1948 and 1949. He said Kashmir is still a disputed territory and UNSC's special session convened in August this year has once again vindicated this point. He said special session of the five permanent members of the UNSC over Kashmir is recognition that it is an international dispute, which has to be resolved through a UN brokered plebiscite and in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.  

The Chairman said now the Modi regime has converted the state into two union territories, giving them under the direct control of New Delhi. He said occupied Kashmir has been under curfew and complete communication blockade for last 88 days. He said around 13,000 young boys have been taken away, women are being raped, and there is shortage of medicines and food, while children are unable to go to school.

Syed Fakhar Imam said that the international media, including New York Times and Washington Post, highlighted how the humanity is suffering at the hands of Indian occupation forces in Kashmir. He said the world has realized that it is India, which is committing state terrorism in Kashmir and rejected New Delhi's narrative in this regard. He said two reports of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights have revealed that India is involved in massive human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

 He said for the first time about 12 members of foreign relations committee of US House of Representatives put very tough questions to Assistant Secretary of State Allice Wells and questioned why Trump Administration is keeping mum over grave human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir. He said French Parliament also debated the situation in Occupied Kashmir.

 Answering a question, the chairman said due to effective campaign of the government of Pakistan, the international community's thinking is changing over Kashmir. He said India tried to mislead the international community as Modi Government's public relations stunt by inviting a specific group of parliamentarians of European Union, but several of them refused to accept the invitation, when they came to know that they will not be given free access to talk to local people and roam around freely.

He said that EU Parliamentarian Chris Davis not only declined New Delhi's invitation, but observed that he is not prepared to take part in a PR stunt for the Modi Government and pretend that all is well. It is very clear that democratic principles are being subverted in Kashmir and the world needs to start taking notice.

Syed Fakhar Imam said minorities and lower class people in India are now want independence from the intolerant Indian Union. He said the current rulers of India are taking the country away from secularism and democracy.