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Subh Bakhair Pakistan
December 29, 2017

India is trying to malign Pakistan on Jadhav meeting due to its traditional hostility towards Islamabad – New Delhi wants to divert attention from its human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir

Pakistan has wiped out all terrorist safe havens through Operation Zarb-e-Azb – No US coercion is acceptable to Pakistan - Terrorist elements thrive in parts of Afghanistan where government writ is weak

India should control its border troops: Chinese military

Naval shipyard in Gawadar will help attract maritime business opportunities

Indian state tense ahead of citizens list targeting 'illegal Bangladeshis'

India aims for law that could jail Muslim men who instantly divorce wives

Russia says Tokyo's deployment of U.S. missiles a blow to relations

Three day roller ball championship today

2nd OCI between Pakistan, Australia will be played today

Analysts on telephone:

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst)


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