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Radio Pakistan, UNIC Mark One Year of Collaboration
December 10, 2014

The collaboration between Radio Pakistan and United Nations Information Centre Islamabad to produce joint programmes has helped highlight the activities of the world body in various sectors.

This was stated by the then Director General Radio Pakistan Samina Parvaiz and Director United Nations Information Center (UNIC) Vittorio Camarota in a special talk show to mark the completion of one year's collaboration between the two organizations.

The Director UNESCO Vebeke Jensen also participated in the talk show to highlight UNESCO activities in Pakistan.

The programme was conducted by Radio Pakistan’s special correspondent Javed Khan Jadoon.

Vittorio Camarota said Radio Pakistan is doing a great service for the people of Pakistan by disseminating the message of United Nations across the country in different languages. He said the collaboration is aimed at benefiting the people of Pakistan, and the UN mission looks forward to working with Radio Pakistan in future as well.

He said so far the collaboration has helped bridging the gaps between the UN and the people of Pakistan as according to UN research studies, 62 percent people of Pakistan do not know about the UN and its role in development. He said the UN is also facilitating to promote positive features of Pakistan across the world. He said because of Radio's outreach, the UNIC decided to choose this medium to effectively deliver on the international agenda of development.

The then Direction General Radio Pakistan Samina Pervaiz on this occasion said it is a matter of satisfaction for her and the entire PBC family that one year of an active and successful collaboration between UNIC and PBC has been completed.

She said PBC has been creating awareness among the people of Pakistan regarding education, health, food assistance, nutrition, climate change, polio, and AIDS. She said the national broadcaster has also been highlighting Pakistan's contributions towards peacekeeping in the world.

Responding to a question, Samina Pervaiz said we need to make our programmes more interesting in order to take the UN message to people in an appealing way. She said Radio Pakistan is not only reaching out to the people of Pakistan, but through website and other social media tools, it is targeting the international audience as well.

Taking part in the program, Director UNESCO Vebeke Jensen said radio has been a very relevant tool of development since its inception, and UNESCO believes it is part and parcel of its plans.

She emphasized further enriching the radio programmes, targeting specific groups such as women, farmers and youth through specially designed programmes to further strengthen the collaboration between Radio Pakistan and UNIC. She said another effective way is to engage these target groups in the programs designed for them.