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Pakistan Made Significant Progress in Implementation of ILO Standards
May 01, 2015

International Labor Organization has acknowledged that Pakistan is fully complying with the international labor standards.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs Channel on the occasion of international Labor Day, Country Director of International Labor Organization to Pakistan Francesco d'Ovidio noted a difference in Pakistan about the standards of labor. Pakistan, which is the sixth largest workforce in the world, has always respected the international labor standards.

The country director ILO said Pakistan became member of the international labor organization in 1947 and since then it has ratified thirty six labor conventions. The ILO is providing technical assistance to Pakistan in implementation of the conventions.

When asked about the observance of labor standards by the private sector, Francesco D'Ovidio said Pakistan's private sector has realized the importance of observing labor standards in order to maintain and boost their business. He said Pakistan Textile Exporters Association in Faisalabad has signed an MOU with the ILO about the compliance of labor standards. He said the GSP plus status was also granted to Pakistan over its tremendous progress in labor laws and the business community now wants to maintain this status through best practices.

The country director of ILO appreciated the devolution of powers to the provinces after 18th amendment saying this has provided an excellent opportunity to the federating units to further improve the labor matters in accordance with their requirements and conditions.     He said his organization is fully coordinating with the provinces and the federal government on the labor laws. A tripartite committee is meeting regularly with the federal and provincial departments and discussing ratification of a convention of the adoption of national legislation on labor law.

Francesco d’Ovidio also appreciated the media particularly Radio Pakistan for raising awareness amongst the people on labor standards.