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ILO urges intending immigrant workers to save themselves from human smugglers, traffickers
September 25, 2019

International Labour Organization has urged intending immigrant workers in Pakistan to save themselves from human smugglers and traffickers.

The call was made by Jesse Mertens, Technical Officer ILO Programme "Global Action to Improve Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration in Pakistan and Sri Lanka," in an interview with Radio Pakistan Special Correspondent Abdul Hadi Mayar in Islamabad today (Wednesday).

Jessy Mertens highlighted the activities of ILO for the welfare of migrant workers in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

He said on one hand ILO is working to save migrant workers from illegal recruiters, while on the other, it is taking steps to ensure their rights in the countries of destination.

He said ILO is working in collaboration with Pakistan government, different workers federations and community-based organizations to protect the rights of immigrant workers.

The ILO senior official advised the intending immigrants to go abroad for work by using legal channels for immigration to avoid trouble in the way and in the countries of their destination