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Former Chairman PAEC Ansar Pervaiz
May 25, 2021

Pakistan’s Nuclear Program is a symbol of national pride and progress: Dr Ansar Pervaiz

Former Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Ansar Pervaiz says Pakistan’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes and has played a major role in the socio-economic development of the country. 

In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan’s News and Current Affairs Channel in Islamabad today, he said Pakistan’s nuclear program has made significant contributions towards clean, reliable and cost-effective energy production, higher agricultural yield, better health care, advanced industrial research and higher education.

He said mastery over nuclear radiation has allowed humanity better diagnosis and cure for various critical diseases. Nuclear technology is also extensively used to develop insect and drought resistant crops and produce improved fruit and seed types. 

Former Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission said Pakistan’s nuclear program is internationally respected and Pakistan has thrice served as the Chair of the IAEA Board of Governors. We have a close and longstanding relationship with IAEA and we regularly cooperate in various aspects of our program. He also appreciated China for the close and longstanding civil nuclear cooperation under IAEA safeguards. 

While comparing nuclear energy with other forms of power production, he described nuclear energy as environmentally safer and more reliable. He said higher initial expense of installing nuclear power reactors is compensated over time, due to lower energy production cost. 

He said nuclear energy is more environment-friendly as compared to coal and other forms of fossil fuels used for energy production. He said that the availability of water and various other sources of energy varies with seasons, which is not the case with nuclear energy.  

Earlier, Dr. Ansar Pervaiz gave a brief account of the history of Pakistan’s nuclear program and said capable leadership, recognition of talent, selection based on merit and selfless commitment  represented its legacy and core values. Dr. Ansar Pervaiz said our scientists and engineers undergo extensive training and detailed evaluation before they are entrusted with the sacred responsibility of running this program. 

He has also taught at Purdue University, USA and has been the Chairman of the Board of Governors of International Atomic Energy Agency. Currently, he is Advisor (Nuclear Power) to the National Command Authority and Chairman Board of Governors, National Centre for Physics. 



Host: Sundus Mustaqeem

Co-Host: Syed Muhammad Ali

Guest: Former Chairman PAEC, Ansar Pervaiz

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