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MEP Afzal Khan urges world to resolve Kashmir issue
March 24, 2018

Member of European and British Parliament Afzal Khan has urged the interntional community to intervene for the resolution of longstanding Kashmir dispute.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan, he said India is involved in grave human rights violation in the Occupied Kashmir.

He said New Delhi's claim of being the biggest democratic country proves falsified as it is disgracing humanity in the Occupied territory.

He said Pakistan is highlighting the issue of Kashmir in an effective manner and shares firm attachment with the kashmiri brethren.

He said Britain has a responsibility to play its due role to end the sufferings of the innocent Kashmiri people.

Afzal Khan said that Pakistan has immense sacrifices in the war on terror and registered great successes in this war.

He said China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project is a win-win project which will prove to be a milestone in bringing economic stability in the entire region.

Defining the functioning of European Union parliament, he said the EU parliament contains twenty-eight member countries and from that point of view it is the biggest parliament.

He said the focus of the EU parliament remains to built consensus for positive and constructive results.