Saturday, 25 May 2019, 05:54:09 am
Satrung Programme
March 09, 2019

Kalaam-e-Shair Ba Zubaan-e-Shair By Iftikhar Arif (Nazm: Barhawan Kilcare) 

Blast from The Past-Singer-Golden Oldie - "Bhooli Hooi hoon Dastan” by Maala = [TAPE=2]

Our legend poets – (Qayum Nazar) 

Book of The Week (New)-1 – "Gard Baad" Novel by Muhammad Aatif Aleem = [Discussion in Studio]

19th death anniversary of famous folk singer Pathanay Khan is being observed today  =[Mandha Ishq Wi too by Pathanay Khan = [Tape=4]

Blast From The Past-Composer With One of His Best – Mujhay Arzoo Thi Jis ki voice Maala,  Poet Qateel Shifai Composer Master Anaiyat Husain; Film Naila [TAPE=5]

Sign Out With One of The Gold Hits Of The Past – Singer Muhammad Ali Shehki,  Poet Iftikhar Aarif =[TAPE=6]

Programme Host:  Dawood Kaif

Co-host:  Rana Saeed Doshi

Programme In-charge:   Imran Latif