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Pakistan 'disappointed' by US view on anti-terror measures- ‘We hope Pakistan’s commitment, contributions and sacrifices would be fully recognized and appreciated in the right perspective’
November 05, 2019

Pakistan has rendered more than 70,000 lives in war against terrorism.

Pakistan suffered a loss of 123 billion dollars in war against terrorism.

International community should recognize Pakistan’s sacrifices in war against terrorism.

The peace in the world exists in the world due to Pakistan’s sacrifices.

Pakistan’s armed forces are fully capable to counter any foreign aggression.

Pakistan is committed to take concrete actions under its National Action Plan

Federal Cabinet Meeting- Economic indicators have witnessed improvements and economy is moving in right direction; Ease of doing business ranking has witnessed significant improvements


Host: Dr. Manzoor Afridi

Co-Host: Dr. Shehryar Ahmad

Program In-charge; Waseem Ahmad