Thursday, 01 October 2020, 03:02:15 am
Exclusive Interview of representatives from International Emergency Team United Kingdom & RESCUE 1122
March 04, 2020

Mehrban Sadiq (British National & Chairman International Emergency Team UK): International Emergency Team of the United Kingdom and the Punjab Emergency Service, commonly known as Rescue-1122 are working together in the fields of integrated emergency and disaster management. Both organizations have agreed to further strengthen cooperation in other sectors, including health, safety and environmental management besides public health and road safety to prevent emergencies. The objective of International Emergency Team is making community safer and to prevent fires. It is a non-profit voluntary organization based in the United Kingdom, which seeks to deliver humanitarian services within developing countries. The organization's main objective is to improve the standards of "Fire" and "Community Safety" together with "Fire and Rescue" capability overseas. The like-minded professionals from emergency services, medical and corporate backgrounds with varied skill sets constitute IETUK.

Daryl Paul Oprey (British National): We can provide useful information and guidelines to make an effective policy. We can keep Pakistan among the South Asian countries better than best. We are active in most of the South Asian countries through different mediums of communication.

Muhammad Ahsan (Spokesperson, 1122): It will also provide complete date access to IET-UK for research purposes.  Punjab Emergency Service has established an effective system for emergency preparedness, response, protection and response.