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President urges Pakistani high commissioners and ambassadors to truly highlight Kashmir dispute & Indian oppression
December 03, 2019

China and Pakistan will hold month long joint military exercise to boost cooperation between two militaries and capability to jointly deal with terrorist threats including those targeting joint projects with China

Hindu Fanaticism & Demolition of Babri Mosque and Human Rights Violation (Theme)

US Defense Secretary has expressed the hope that after a ceasefire deal with Taliban troop’s level in Afghanistan will be reduced

Bangladesh is blocking hundreds of thousands of Rohingya children from accessing meaningful education- Human Rights Watch

Iraq's rival parties were negotiating contours of new govt after previous cabinet was brought down by two month protest movement insisting on even more deep rooted change 

Israel has prepared plan for establishment of industrial zones along fence separating Gaza Strip and Israel to provide jobs to Palestinians

NATO will respond to any attack on Poland or Baltics-Stoltenberg

News Brief:

Pakistan as one of the founding members of the IAEA, has felicitated the Ambassador Rafael Grossi of Argentina on his election as Director General of IAEA. Pakistan attaches great importance to the work of the Agency. FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi has arrived in Qatar on one day official visit, will represent Pakistan in second Kual lumpur Summit Ministerial meeting in Doha. In Libya, five civilians have been killed and ten wounded in overnight air strikes at a suburb of Tripoli. US has threatened to impose tariffs of up to 100 % on 2.4 billion US Dollar on French goods in retaliation for digital services tax. President Donald Trump's administration has said it has released $100 million in military assistance to Lebanon that had been quietly frozen for months.


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