• Chinese Language Course
    China Radio International will start Chinese classes at Kuch Khaas

    Contemporary Chinese (Urdu Version) - Starting from July


    House No. 1‚ Street 1‚F-6/3‚ Islamabad. (Entrance on Margalla Road)



    T: 051-8357483 (The students will have to come to Kuch Khaas to fill out a form to register.)


    Classes starting from July (Depending on the number of registrations). Register now!



    Instructors: Mr. Feng Deping / Mr. Yang Jianchuan( Official Chinese teachers sent by the Confucius Institute Headquarters)

    Age: 15 & above

    Language of instruction: English/Chinese(Mandarin)

    Course duration: 3 months

    Time Period: 90 min /session

    Days: Twice a week

    Course Fee: Rs. 5‚000 / month (per month/ 8 sessions)

    Venue: Kuch Khaas


    Course Description:


    The goal of the course is to establish a solid foundation in modern standard Mandarin Chinese language through the integration of all 5 skills: listening‚ speaking‚ reading‚ writing‚ and cultural skills. Characters‚ vocabulary and grammatical patterns are learned through communicative contexts.


    Learning Objectives and Aims:


    Through the course‚ students will be able to carry out conversations in Chinese on a range of topics‚ such as introducing oneself‚ discussing daily routines‚ shopping‚ talking on the phone‚ reading and writing notes‚ letters‚ etc. Approximately 400 frequently used Chinese characters and 500 lexical items or expressions will be learned.


    Students should be able to achieve the following objectives:


    Objective 1 - exchange information‚ opinions and experiences in Chinese


    Objective 2 - express ideas through the production of original texts in Chinese


    Objective 3 - analyze‚ process and respond to texts that are in Chinese


    Objective 4 - understand aspects of the language and culture of Chinese-speaking communities


    Meeting these objectives will involve using the skills of listening‚ speaking‚ reading and writing‚ either individually or in combination‚ and being able to move between Chinese and English.



    The aims of the syllabus are to develop students:


    * Ability to use Chinese to communicate with others


    * Understanding and appreciation of the cultural contexts in which Chinese is used


    * Ability to reflect on their own culture(s) through the study of other cultures


    * Understanding of language as a system


    * Ability to make connections between Chinese and English‚ and/or other languages


    * Cognitive‚ learning and social skills


    * Potential to apply Chinese to work‚ further study‚ training or leisure.


    Course Prerequisites


    There is no prerequisite for the course. The course is designed for learners with no previous Chinese language study.


    Methods of Instruction


    Class instruction emphasizes communication‚ interaction‚ performance‚ and group work. Language meals‚ language clinic‚ peer tutors‚ and assignments outside of class support this learning system.


    Course Requirements:




    Wu Zhongwei(chief editor)‚ Contemporary Chinese (Urdu Version)‚ textbook‚ workbook‚ and character book. Beijing: Sinolingua‚ 2010; ISBN 978-7-80200-820-5