Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chairs meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Energy in Islamabad to follow up on urgent measures being carried out to reduce load-shedding. The Prime Minister directs for the calculation of accurate figures for estimated power demand and expected supply from existing as well as under implementation plants over the next 12 to 36 months. He also directs for re-verification of the amounts of circular debt from 3rd party auditors so as to ascertain claims attributed to fuel payments, line losses and other factors. Nawaz Sharif emphasizes on inclusion of provincial representatives in decision making on important issues related to the power sector.

Host: Dr. Shoaib Ahmad

Analysts on Telephone:

Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh (Chairman, NA Standing Committee for Finance):

The Prime Minister, himself, has taken notice of load shedding during saher and iftar. He has felt the pain and given a categorical statement in this regard. We are working on many projects and load shedding will be overcome before next elections. Nearly, 10000MW will be added to national grid in short period of time. It will add to national income as well and we will reach to 6% growth rate in next year. The industrial and agriculture sectors are performing well. It will impact overall prosperity of the country.

Syed Saqlain Bukhari (Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Inter-provincial Coordination):

The Prime Minister has held special cabinet meeting and taken notice of the issue. With the efforts of the government, situation has improved a lot. The speedy work is going on over Sahival and Bhikki power plants. There is a lot of stress on transmission and system itself. Because of sudden change in weather, shortfall has increased. The Prime Minister has directed the companies not to do unscheduled load shedding during the month of Ramzan. The Prime Minister is looking after this matter on daily basis. The government of Punjab has produced energy with its own effort. The provincial governments should also help federal government to overcome this challenge.

Mian Abdul Manan (Leader, PML-N):

For last 10 days, Prime Minister is presiding over meeting relating to load shedding. The Prime Minister is very much disturbed on the suffering of people keeping fasts in Pakistan. He has ordered WAPDA to consider the complaints of common people. In September 2017, additional 5000MW will be added to national grid. The Prime Minister is concerned about unscheduled load shedding in Ramzan. We realize the pain and suffering of people of Peshawar and Dir. The leaders of a particular party are damaging public properties, which is not acceptable.

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