Punjab Agriculture Department has introduced Cotton Crop Monitoring system in the province through information technology.

According to a spokesman of the department, the system will help dissemination of information regarding presence of cotton pests in every district of Punjab.

He said that the measures adopted for protection of the crop and opinion of experts for improving the situation will also be shared through this system, which has been attached with internet by the cooperation of Punjab Information Technology Board.

The spokesman said competitions will also be arranged in twenty districts of the provinces among best cotton growers and the winners would be awarded with prizes.

Tomatoes harvesting season has resulted in substantial cut in prices of the fruit  and it is high time for its consumers to preserve it for future use.

The spokesman of Punjab Agriculture department said average production of tomatoes in the world is about 10 tons per acre, however in Pakistan it is just 4 tons per acre.

He said that tomatoes are cultivated all over Punjab, however, Gujranwala district is at top in terms of better per acre yield of tomatoes in the province.

He said that April to June is the season for harvesting tomatoes in the Punjab.

The spokesman said that housewives can save money by using different modes of preserving tomatoes.

He said that preserving tomatoes is very easy by freezing them or making their paste.

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