Pakistan's Naval Ship ZULFIQUAR arrives in Sri Lanka with relief goods.

The Naval Ship PNS ZULFIQUAR dispatched by Government of Pakistan has arrived with relief goods at Colombo Port on Tuesday.

Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan, Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed Khan Sipra handed over the relief goods to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, Ravi Karunanayake at the Colombo Port.

The Foreign Minister expressed his gratitude to the people and Government of Pakistan for providing timely and valued assistance.

The Minister emphasized that Pakistan and Sri Lanka enjoy excellent relations.               

On the Occasion, Dr. Sarfraz Sipra said that the people and the Government of Pakistan will leave no stone unturned to further help the people and the Government of Sri Lanka in this time of need.

Pakistan Naval Ship ZULFIQUAR has brought in dry rations, medicines, de-flooding pumps and other relief items. Additionally, the Ship has the capability to provide search and rescue facilities through its helicopter, rescue boats, medical team and expert divers.  

Sri Lanka is facing severe floods which has caused havoc and devastation in many parts of the country.

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