The Prime Minister directs for the calculation of accurate figures for estimated power demand and expected supply from existing as well as under implementation plants over the next 12 to 36 months. He also directs for re-verification of the amounts of circular debt from 3rd party auditors so as to ascertain claims attributed to fuel payments, line losses and other factors. Nawaz Sharif emphasizes on inclusion of provincial representatives in decision making on important issues related to the power sector.

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Gulfraz Ahmed (Energy Expert)

The federal government is putting a lot of efforts on building new power projects. The recovery of bills and avoid land loses are responsibilities of federal government. It can improve and recover bills with the help of provincial governments. If the bills are not being paid, government should disconnect the electricity connections. The heat wave in Ramzan has made the things more difficult. The Prime Minister has held the meetings, which shows he is concerned over the situation. The already generated electricity should be used in an efficient manner. The Prime Minister should take action against the concerned authorities as well. In past three years, we have produced the most expensive electricity. The large scale load shedding should be avoided in any way.  

In Occupied Kashmir, complete shutdown is being observed on the third consecutive day today, to mourn the martyrdom of civilians by Indian troops

In occupied Kashmir, curfew and stringent restrictions continue on the third consecutive day today, to prevent people from conducting a march towards Tral town. Call for the march has been given by the joint resistance leadership to pay tributes to Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Sabzar Ahmad Butt, and other martyrs. All shops, business establishments and educational institutions are closed while traffic is off the roads. The occupation authorities have deployed police and sealed major roads to prevent people from staging anti-India protests.

Analyst on Telephone:

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Expert on World/Defence Affairs)

India is totally frustrated over the situation in Kashmir now. India is unable to control the movement in Kashmir. India should stop using weapons, brutalities, oppression and suppression in Kashmir. It should decide the Kashmir issue according to UNSC resolutions. Indian constitution gives different version on Kashmir but its government toes a different line. The article 370 of Indian constitution declares that Kashmir is not part of India. The current government in India has taken aggressive posture towards Kashmir and Pakistan. Sooner or later, India has to come on negotiation table. Kashmiris are not in favor of going with India. Indian government thinks that using offensive weapons is solution to this problem. The Kashmiri youth has taken the movement into their hands and want Kashmir to be part of Pakistan. They are fighting this war for Pakistan and for their future generations.

Senate discusses the budgetary proposals for the FY 2017-18

The Senate resumed its session in Islamabad this morning with Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani in the chair. Resuming debate on budget, Senator Abdul Qayyum said the government has to keep in view various aspects like development projects, debt services, environmental hazardous, and defense expenditure in funds allocations for next fiscal year. Ghous Muhammad Niazi lauded the government for presenting a good budget for next fiscal year. GDP growth rate has increased to 5.25 percent, which is to positive sign for economy.

Host: Ghina Mehar

Co-host: Ahsan Bashir & Zahra Sikandar

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