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The House resumed discussion on the budget 2017-18.

Participating in the discussion, Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan said leading world financial institutions are appreciating the economic strides made by the country under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

He said power outages have significantly been reduced and expressed the confidence that these will completely end by next year.

He said incentives should be given to the farmers in order to bring the barren land under cultivation.

Ghous Bakhsh Maher said the government should cut the prices of fertilizer in order to provide relief to the farmers.

He said agriculture research institutes should be strengthened so that quality seeds could be prepared domestically.

Shahida Akhtar Ali said the government should frame a policy to bring improvement in the lives of the poor people.

She said expenditure should be cut to curtail the fiscal deficit.

Similarly, efforts should be expedited for promotion of investment as it will have far reaching impact on the economy.

Mehr Ishtiaq Ahmad regretted the posture of the opposition saying instead of boycotting the proceedings of the house, it should sit with the government to work out a future roadmap for the country's economy.

He said reforms have become imperative for institution building.

In his remarks, Maulana Amir Zaman said priority should be given to the development of backward areas.

This, he said, is vital to remove their sense of deprivation.

Chaudhry Jaffer Iqbal said the opposition parties rejected by the people in 2013 elections are scared of the economic vision and policies of present government.

He said despite the hurdles being created by the opposition, the PML-N government will continue to work for the welfare of the people.

Earlier, rising on a point of order, leader of the Opposition Khurshid Shah said that he will only make speech on budgetary proposals if his speech is telecast live on the state media.

He said if the government has the discretion to present its point of view then the Opposition also deserves the rights to present its point of view on the media.

He said this parliament represents the will of the entire nation and nobody has the right to choke the voice of the opposition.

Responding to the points of the Opposition Leader, Minister of Defence Production Rana Tanvir said that there is a tradition of broadcasting live the budget speech of Finance Minister but that of the Opposition Leader on the budgetary proposal is not telecast live except it was allowed once in special circumstances.

He said present government has given unprecedented space to the Opposition.

He admitted the Opposition Leader has played an important role for strengthening of democratic system over the last four years.

He said the Opposition Leader should not pursue the course of the party which has no respect for democracy and parliament.

He said PPP is a democratic party and it should not stand with the party which does not take the system seriously.

He requested the Opposition Leader to make his speech on the budget.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the government should review its decision in order to make the budget session of the lower House meaningful.

Later, the opposition staged a walkout from the House in protest against the government's decision of not allowing the live coverage of the speech of the Opposition Leader on the budget 2017-18.

The House will meet again tomorrow at 11 am.

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