As protests grow, the ban provokes crisis- raises strong opposition from within the country and from the outside

A day after US President Donald Trump ordered no-visa policy for seven Muslim states, a White House official hinted that the ban could be extended to other countries, including Pakistan. In response to a question during his interview to CBS News, White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said: “You can point to other countries that have similar problems like Pakistan and others – perhaps we need to take it further”. But was also quick to add that “for now, immediate steps, pulling the Band-Aid off, is to do further vetting for people traveling in and out of those countries.”

Aftermath of the Executive Order

Travelers were stranded around the world, protests escalated in the United States and anxiety rose within President Trump’s party on Sunday as his order closing the nation to refugees and people from certain predominantly Muslim countries provoked a crisis just days into his administration. The White House pulled back on part of Mr. Trump’s temporary ban on visitors from seven countries by saying that it would not apply to those with green cards granting them permanent residence in the United States.

Host: Ali Naseer

Co-Host: Ahsan Bashir

Analysts on Phone:
Syeda Abida Hussain- Former Diplomat

The statement of Trump’s advisor is going to affect Pak-U.S. relations in the future. The ban on Muslims imposed by Donald Trump will have repercussions on international level. Trump has been extremist towards the Muslims and has adopted a negative policy, while on the other hand, former president Barack Obama was unlike him and he never used hate speech for Muslims.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema- IR Expert

It doesn’t seem easy to impose ban on Pakistani immigrants to the U.S. Pakistan believes in having cordial relations with the U.S. new administration and its attitude towards new government is positive. The people or group involved in terrorist activities have never been Pakistani, rather they would have traveled via Pakistan to the U.S. Pakistan is not involved in any terrorist activity in U.S.A. The world nations will not follow the ban imposed by the U.S. administration. In my view point Pakistan will not have any negative impact on international level.

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