Talking to Radio Pakistan‚ Afzal Shigri‚ Former IG‚ said: “There is a dire need to make new laws to curb terrorism in the country. The situation is changing now but we still need a comprehensive strategy to deal with terrorism. The whole country is facing the challenge of terrorism and security situation is very serious. In some areas the situation is serious and in some areas the situation is under control. Our criminal justice system is fractured. There is a need to provide protection to judges and witnesses. There is big flaw in anti terrorism laws‚ many cases which are not related to terrorism are also considered as terrorism‚ in this way Anti Terrorist Courts faced a burden of un-necessary cases. Many major cities of the world are also facing serious law and order situation‚ even in some areas of Washington there is a serious law and order problem. There is a need to bring reforms in the police system.”

Arbab Chandio‚ Journalist based in Karachi‚ said: “Karachi is facing serious law and order situation. Through a conspiracy Karachi has been divided into different ethnic areas. This was done during dictatorship periods. Democratic governments are trying to improve the law and order situation. Democratic governments always make decision in a democratic manner involving all stake holders. People should helped security forces in maintaining peace.”

Yaseen Azad‚ Former President‚ Supreme Court Bar Association‚ said: “Anti terrorism law is present and strict punishments have been given for various anti terrorists activities. It is easy to make a law but it’s difficult to implement the law. Government is empowered to make amended in the anti terrorist laws. We have to see whether anti terrorist law is implemented in the country. Influence is being used in our courts to protect terrorists. There is no protection to witnesses in the courts‚ it is not possible to convict a person without any evidence. Even tougher anti terrorist law is being made‚ if protection is not given to witnesses then it would be difficult for the courts to convict them.”

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