The National Security Committee has decided to keep a robust defence posture to ensure national security in a challenging environment. This decision was taken in its 13th meeting held in Islamabad with Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in the chair.  The Committee reviewed internal and external security situation and the threats and challenges to national security in the evolving regional and global context.  The Trump policy on Afghanistan and South Asia was also discussed in the meeting.

NA rejects US President's remarks about Pakistan; Pakistan not responsible for US failure in Afghanistan

The National Assembly adopts a unanimous resolution strongly rejecting US President Donald Trump's remarks about Pakistan in his policy for Afghanistan and South Asia.  The resolution moved by Minister for Foreign Affairs Khwaja Asif also rejects claims of NATO Commander in Afghanistan General Nicholson regarding existence of Taliban Shoora in Quetta and Peshawar.  Given India's known support to terrorism and its destabilizing policies in the region, the house condemned attempts by Trump Administration to provide more space to India in Afghanistan and considered it a move which is highly detrimental to regional stability and complete failure to understand existing ground realities and emerging challenges in the region. The resolution rejects US claims of giving billions of dollars in assistance to Pakistan.Pakistan's economy has suffered a loss of more than 123 billion dollars in this regard.  The resolution denounces complete disregard and lack of respect for Pakistan's immense sacrifices in countering terrorism.  The National Assembly acknowledges sacrifices of the security forces in their counter terrorism operations and expresses full support for counter-terrorism operations being conducted by the arms force of Pakistan along with the Rangers and Law Enforcement Agencies.  The resolution reiterated that as a responsible nuclear state Pakistan has in place a robust and credible command and control system which has been universally recognized.  Pakistan is not responsible for US failure in Afghanistan; US strategies of use of power and dialogue have failed in Afghanistan.

Analysts on Telephone 

Abdullah Gul (Defence Analyst):

We have come to the position where we should respectfully say no to United States or any other power which wants to impose its imperialist agenda. All institutions in Pakistan are on the same page regarding Trump's allegations against Pakistan.  It is not strange to have National Security Committee's meeting in less than ten days. We are moving towards a right direction. American generals are incompetent and it has lost a war in Afghanistan.  

Isfanyar Bhandara (Leader, PML-N)

The government, opposition parties and entire nation stand united against the recent posture of US administration. We are ready to cooperate with America, but we do not accept any Indian role in Afghanistan. We have a policy from day one that Pakistan is facing continuous threat on Eastern border. We have to deal with America and India differently.

Host: Ali Naseer 

Co-Host: Muhammad Sheraz 

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