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The Senate has stressed the need for crafting a national policy paper putting forth Pakistan's narrative for US policy makers.

This suggestion has been made in report of the Committee of the Whole unanimously adopted by the House today.

The committee called for a regional diplomatic initiative to coordinate Pakistan's response to US President's Afghan strategy in consultation with friendly countries.

It said that Pakistan should also formulate its own South Asian policy that should be comprehensive as peace cannot be compartmentalized and segmented.

It also emphasized augmenting efforts to peacefully resolve the Kashmir dispute, where Indian Human Rights violations know no bounds. The report said that India cannot be net security provider in the South Asian region given its conflictual relationship with all its neighbors.

The report said that military escalation in Afghanistan will destabilize Pakistan and the region and would have negative consequences for Europe as well.

The House urged Pakistan and Afghanistan to ensure that the territory of either state should not be used for terrorist activities against each other. Kabul was also urged to check hideouts and sanctuaries of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan operating freely in Afghanistan.

The report also emphasized Pakistan to focus border management and security along the Pak-Afghan border and fence the entire Durand Line.

It said that Pakistan should maintain its principled stance that there is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan and should continue pursuing a politically negotiated settlement with the Afghan Government in the lead.  

The report said that Pakistan would be willing to contribute in the shared objective of exterminating all forms of terrorism.

The report said that Pakistan needs to present a clear dossier on India's cross border terrorism with names, dates and unimpeachable evidence, including Indian Spy Kulbhushan Jhadav case.

It said that the focus of the dossier must be on Indian actions to destabilize Pakistan by using Afghan territory.

The report also said that Kabul should also address Pakistan's concerns regarding terrorists like TTP Chief Mullah Fazlullah and other hiding in Afghanistan and operating against Pakistan.

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