The decision made by senate and national assembly in this regard must be appreciated
Revival of Military courts to curb the menace of terrorism.The Senate voted 78-3 to pass the 28th Constitutional Amendment Bill with the required two-thirds majority.The bill's passage by Senate was necessary for military courts to be accorded constitutional cover. During the voting through division, 78 members supported the bill while three opposed it.The bill has already been passed by the National Assembly.

Host : Abid Abbasi

Co-Host : Rana Qaisar

Analysts on Telephone:

Jan Achakzai (Leader -PML-N):

"Revival of Military courts for another two years is need of the hour . Military courts would help to flush out the terrorism. When we bring to terrorist to justice and punishment will be awarded to them according to their crime, definitely practical steps taken by the military courts will break the nerves of terrorists. Everyone is appreciating the role of government and welcoming the two years extension in military courts."

Topic : Pakistan says cooperation between Islamabad and Kabul is imperative for proper border management- Pakistan urges Kabul not to allow any terrorist to use its soil against Pakistan.Nafees Zakria

In an interview, Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakariya  said terrorists are common enemy and both countries should adopt joint strategy to eliminate them.
Pakistan is playing its due role to protect the border and Afghanistan also needs to take concrete measures in this regard. The purpose of border fencing is to ensure protection of people in Pakistan. Every Afghan citizen having valid documents will be allowed to cross the border.Some elements in Afghanistan are playing in the hands of enemies of peace and Pakistan has already presented its proof to Afghan government. 

Analysts on Telephone :

Dr.Muhammad Khan (Defence Expert ):

"Pakistan always supported Afghanistan but Afghanistan never respond positively . Both countries must resolve their issues amicably and mutual understanding . There is no doubt that terrorists are using the soil of Afghanistan against the Pakistan and committing terrorist activities from inside the Afghanistan . Afghanistan must realise that durable peace in the region is in the interest of entire region."

Topic : Interior Minister says no foreigner allowed to enter Pakistan without valid documents

The government has decided to introduce online application system for Pakistani Visas for foreigners.This was stated by Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan during a news conference in Islamabad.Government has taken bold and concrete steps for transparent processing of visa applications and NADRA has been directed to establish a centralized Data Bank of foreigners for this purpose.Dozens of foreigners were allowed to enter Pakistan without valid documents in the past.Any foreigner who comes to Pakistan without any valid documents are being sent back by the same airline very next day. 

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