“India is avoiding dialogue with Pakistan to resolve outstanding issues including Kashmir, Siachen and Ser-creek”: Sartaj

Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz says Pakistan is not shying away from dialogue with India and Indian Prime Minister's logic in this regard is beyond perception. Commenting on recent statement of Indian Prime Minister, he said, it is actually India which is shying away as it knows that it has to discuss Kashmir and other issues on the dialogue table. He said we have a format of comprehensive and composite dialogue with India that includes issues like people to people contact, visa and fishermen issue, trade and economic cooperation, Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek. Indian Army has stakes in Siachen and when last time both the governments reached an agreement, the Indian Army rejected it. In a recent interview, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says due to his diplomatic efforts, the world had seen India was not reluctant to engage with Pakistan. “Our approach has created difficulties for Pakistan, and they find it hard to respond on the matter in the international community,” said Modi.


Fauzia Nasreen (Former Ambassador):

“India has always delayed the dialogue process between the two countries. It wants to convince the global major powers about its seriousness for negotiations, but actually it halts any such efforts. India seems uninterested in result oriented dialogue altogether. Pakistan cannot negotiate while putting Kashmir dispute into back seats. Historically, BJP government worked for resolution of issues, but this government is more aggressive than the previous ones.”

Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Muhammad Farooq (Defense Analyst):

“There are lots of issues between Pakistan and India, e.g., Kashmir issue, Siachen dispute, Sir Creek issue and above all water disputes etc. India does not want to resolve any of the mentioned issues. Pakistan should convince the international community about mischievous attitude of the Indian leadership. Pakistan is a nuclear power and it should not submit to Indian nefarious designs. We have to protect our national security interests’ at all possible costs. Aggression and war prone attitude rather  triggers the mistrust and misunderstandings among the nations.”

Dr. Talat Wizarat (IR Expert):

“Pakistan has been making serious efforts to improve the bilateral relations but India has never reciprocated with the same zeal. We have to wait for some responsible government in India, which would understand the significance of a thaw in relations of the two countries. Initially Modi hinted for better relations but he has changed his mind with every passing day. Whenever any incident happens in India, relations get back to the lowest ebb again. India wants to sabotage peace and tranquility of our state. It does not want to see completion of CPEC."

Dr. Shaheen Akhtar (IR Expert):

“Sartaj Aziz has rightly responded to the Indian Prime Minister’s assertion about talks with Pakistan. There is a complete structure of hierarchy in Pakistan for dialogue and negotiations with other countries. India wants to implicate and make this mechanism controversial. It initiates a problem and making it an excuse, derails peace process. Pakistan believes in dialogue and considers it the only viable solution of bilateral disputes, but India seems adamant to rebuke the efforts made by Pakistan. India wants to dilute the independent identity of Kashmiri people. The Modi government is evading dialogue over one pretext or the other. Kashmir is fundamental bilateral issue which seeks serious attention of both Pakistan and India.”

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst):

“India is avoiding the dialogue and using unreasonable excuses to close the doors of dialogue and bilateral engagement. Every government in India has been ignoring Kashmir dispute but Modi’s position over it is more rigid than previous governments. India suspended secretary level talks between two countries in recent past. I do not see any considerable change in the attitude of Indian establishment in coming days too."

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