Talking to Radio Pakistan‚ Dr. Rashid Ahmed Khan‚ former chairman Dept. of Political Science‚ Punjab University‚ said the Higher Education Commission is playing an important role for the promotion of research at the campuses.

“Previous governments and present government have allocated huge funds for Higher Education. Previously University Grants Commission had not played its due role for the promotion of higher education in the country. In the past UGC had granted funds for promotion of natural sciences and social sciences were ignored. Now funds have also been allocated by the HEC for the promotion of social sciences.”

He said the HEC has conducted a number of seminars with the help of many international organizations for the promotion of social and natural sciences.

Talking about the GSP Plus status Pakistan recently got at the EU‚ Dr. Sabour Ghayour‚ an economist‚ said Pakistan has given a lot of sacrifices in war against terrorism. “Pakistan has supported international community in war against terrorism. It was the duty of international community to help Pakistan. Government of Pakistan had several times stated before the international community that it wants trade instead of aid.”

He said there are a number of products which Pakistan can export to European Union countries free of duty. We have to improve the quality of our products to compete with products of other developing countries. The price of Pakistani products will also be decreased. Increase of Pakistani exports to European Union countries will pave the way for Pakistani products in the other developed countries.

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