Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has urged political parties to resolve their differences through dialogue in a cordial environment. 

Speaking in Nuqta-e-Nazar program of Radio Pakistan, senior journalist Rauf Tahir said: “MQM plays a vital role in politics of the country.Both the parties have good relations. The relations between PPP and MQM became severe since last week. Prime Minister has urged both the political parties to resolve differences through dialogue. Political stability is very important for the progress and prosperity of the country.”

Analysts Dr. Ajmal Niazi said: “The suggestion of Prime Minister that mutual differences among political parties must be sorted out through discussions and debates is admirable. This suggestion is for all the political parties in Pakistan. All political forces should have to play their role in prosperity and progress of the country. MQM should accept the apology of Khurshid Shah for his remarks. Political parties should have to bypass the mutual differences in national interests. The country has been facing a lot of challenges so all political parties should be unites to resolve these issues.” 

PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry said: “MQM has a vital role in the politics of Karachi and Sindh. Karachi is mini Pakistan and central point of economy of the country. There should be no point scoring politics in national interests. All political parties have to resolve their mutual difference through dialogue. Nation will elect the political party in future through their votes will be based on their performance.”   

Senior journalist Nisar Hussain said: “Nawaz Sharif says mutual differences among political parties must be sorted out through discussions and debates. He wants political stability among political parties. It is the need of time that all political forces should come forward unitedly to bring our country at par. The country has been passing through a critical situation so political parties should focus on national interests and shun their mutual differences.”

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