PML-N leaders say PTI Chief Imran Khan has no defence and evidence to produce in Panama Papers case.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Monday evening, Chairman Privatization Commission Muhammad Zubair along with Daniyal Aziz said Prime Minister's family has submitted its reply to the superior Court in time.

He said due to non availability of evidence his council are refusing to appear before the court on behalf of PTI.

Muhammad Zubair said that Imran Khan is the first ever who introduced off-shore company in the country and his companions are involved in tax evasion and corruption.

He said Imran Khan is accountable to the people of Pakistan regarding such allegations and he has to appear before the court for transparent investigation for find the responsibilities.

Daniyal Aziz, on the occasion, said that Imran Khan has shown the purchased property as gift for tax evasion and all evidence regarding Imran Khan's corruption are on record and PTI chief should admit the realities.

He said that PTI led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has totally failed to prevent corruption in the province and the provincial government is creating hurdles in the way of action against this menace.

He said that PTI is trying to prolong the case proceedings with delaying tactics.

Daniyal Aziz said that Imran Khan has not yet replied to Election Commission of Pakistan regarding allegations of PTI Funds.

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