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In his message on Yaum-e-Takbeer, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the nation is showing unity to make Pakistan Asian Tiger in economic terms as it had shown unity in 1998.

He said nineteen years ago, we made the country’s defense impregnable. Today, with same dedication and passion, the country’s economy is also being made strong and stable.

The Prime Minister said the journey of national economic development is going on with a fast pace and “just like nuclear explosion.

He said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a mix of various projects, which will usher in a new era of prosperity.

He said Pakistan’s economic stability is also a symbol of regional prosperity. Pakistan wants other states from not only South Asia but others also to join the race to collectively bring prosperity in the region.

Nawaz Sharif said Yaum-e-Takbeer is a strong message to the enemies that aggressors against Pakistan will meet an exemplary fate.  

He said Pakistan’s nuclear programme created balance of power in South Asia.

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