Saturday, 24 October 2020, 08:46:42 am
Pakistan will continue to promote reform of UNSC: FM
September 28, 2020

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has reaffirmed Pakistan's resolve to continue promoting a comprehensive reform of the Security Council to make it a more democratic, representative, accountable, transparent and efficient body.

He was speaking at annual ministerial meeting of the “Uniting for Consensus”, hosted by the Italian Foreign Minister in a virtual format on Monday.

The Foreign Minister laid out a five-point proposal for advancing the UfC’s shared priorities for reforming the UN Security Council.

He rejected attempts by some countries to exploit the UN reform process for advancing their narrow national ambitions, including their self-arrogated claims to permanent seats on the Security Council.

He stressed that, in accordance with the decisions of the UN General Assembly, “we must continue the effort to promote a solution which enjoys the ‘widest possible political acceptance’ of all member states.”

The UfC group meets annually at the level of Foreign Ministers on the sidelines of UN General Assembly sessions.

UfC Ministers confirmed their opposition to enlarging the Security Council to new permanent members as they believe that an effective and democratic Security Council cannot be reformed by the addition of new members with exclusive national rights and unequal privileges.