LEAD was established with the support of Rockefeller Foundation in the wake of United Nations Convention on Environment and Development (Rio Conference) in 1992. The organization was headquartered in London with 10 member programmes around the world. The aim was to bring to life the message of Rio Declaration: to ensure that sustainable development is integrated in the development culture and practice. This year, LEAD Pakistan completed twenty years of Leadership. It takes pride in being the largest network based organisation in Pakistan with close linkages and presence - regionally and globally. With a history of successful delivery of more than 180 development initiatives, we look forward to producing greater developmental impact through sophistication in design and implementation of projects and interventions. 

Host: Sultana Kokab and Farzna Malik

Guest: Umema bin Qaseer, Youth Group Leader,Lead Pakistan

Producer: Inam Soomro

It is PBC Islamabad Production.

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