This Programme Contains Radio reports on national and International Events.





Radio Report 1:  Federal Minister for Human Rights press conference along with Mishal Malik on the occasion of Indian Republic day as Black day

Report by:    Gulzar Hussain, Pbc Islamabad




Radio Report 2: Concluding Ceremony of National Calligraphy 

Report By: Rizwan Abbasi, PBC Islamabad




Radio Report 3: Foreign Office briefing 

Report By: Hassan Abdullah, PBC Islamabad



Radio Report 4: Interior Minister Baluchistan press conference on rehabilitation work in Baluchistan

Report by:  Rashid Ali, PBC Quetta



Radio Report 5: Mayor Karachi visits University road construction work

Report by Rashid Ali, PBC Quetta

Radio Report 6: Convocation of Mehran University of Engg and Technology, Hyderabad

Report by : PBC Hyderabad

Host: Hassan Abdullah 

Producer: Shakir Ullah

It is PBC Islamabad Production. 

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