A special feature programme on Kamran ki Baradarri . Kamran ki Baradari is a summer pavilion at Lahore, Pakistan. It was built by Kamran Mirza, a son of first Mughal emperorBabur and a brother of the second Mughal emperor Humayun. After Babur's death in 1530, Kamran Mirza seized Lahore where he built his own garden in the city, in which he built this baradari in 1540, which is the first Mughal structure to be built in Lahore.

Script:                                   Muhammad Javed Pasha

Voice:                                    Muhammad Hafeez Tahir and Aisha Aslam, Rashid                                                                                Mahmood, Khurshid Ali, Usama Ghayor

Duration:                               13 minutes

Language:                             Urdu

Producer:                              Ghazala Zia, PBC Lahore.

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