Programme jaiza is Broadcast at 07:05pm from PBC Islamabad on 585Mhz Frequency.





It is a current affairs programme of Radio Pakistan Islamabad, based on analysis of national and international events.



Segment 1: President calls for promoting research in higher education

Extract from President at Air University





Segment 2 : Kamran seeks global cooperation in ending Kashmir abuses

Extract from Federal Minister for Human Rights media talk




Segment 3: Mishal Malik says Indian forces are involved in persecution of unarmed Kashmiris.

Extract from Mishal Malik Media talk




Segment 4: Pakistan looks forward to working with Trump administration: Nafees Zakaria says Kashmir is a core issue between Pakistan and India.

Report  by:  Hassan Abdullah

Analysis: Ahmad Latif, Sr. Journalist


Segment 5: National Assembly Proceedings

Report by Kashan Akmal Imtiaz

Segment 6 : Analysis of leading International news

Analysis: Khuram Shahzad, Researcher and analyst




Host: Muhammad Jawad

Producer:   Shakir Ullah

It is PBC Islamabad Production.

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