This is a youth base programme. There are two segments in the programme, “Justaju” and “Apna Maqaam Peda Kar”. In “Justaju” segment an interview of a poet Fahad Mahmood Sokhta  and a singer Hina Batool was conducted. Both are students of Govt. College Lahore. In second segment “Apna Maqaam Peda Kar” interview of an educationist Mr. Atif Saddiqiue was conducted.

Host:                                   Muhammad Safdar

Participants:                         Fahad Mahmood Sokhta, Hina Batool, Atif Saddique

Duration:                             30 minutes

Language:                            Urdu

Producer:                             Aabis Raza Kazmi, PBC Lahore.

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