Senior officials of Economic Cooperation Organization member countries will continue their deliberations on the second day today to give final shape to agenda of the 13th summit of the organization being held in Islamabad on Wednesday.  Addressing the meeting, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said Pakistan wants a world class infrastructure for speedy movement of goods and people in ECO region. He said China Pakistan Economic Corridor project is a major initiative which will benefit the entire region.

Host: Abid Abbasi

Co-Host: Rana Qaisar

Analysts on Phone:

Muhammad Nafees Zakaria- Foreign Office Spokesperson

The upcoming ECO summit is being held at a time when many changes are undergoing at the regional level.  At the moment, the developed countries are passing through economic recession for last ten years. The economic trends of these states were having negative growth. During such conditions, now Asia and Asia Pacific have become more important and the world is now focusing on these regions. The Central Asian republics are resources rich countries which include minerals and human capital. Another important factor in this regard is that there is enormous appetite for development in the developing states. This provides conducive environment for economic development.  Pakistan, due to its Geo-strategic location, is playing leading role. Pakistan lie at the crossroads of 3 regions including Central, South and West Asia. We also provide the land locked countries economic access, particularly West Asian Markets. Pakistan is going to become economic hub of the region. CPEC is the best example in this regard. It is therefore hoped that Pakistan will be able to develop a regional network under the ambit of Economic Cooperation Organization.

Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui- Economist

Holding of ECO Summit in Pakistan after 22 years is a good omen. The theme for this 13th Summit is very vital as it denotes the regional connectivity which is important for prosperity as well. The summit will not only increase the connectivity among the member-states but also will bring better results. We should keep in our mind that Afghanistan is not an independent state and is influenced by many forces.

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