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Hajj flight operation to airlift over one hundred and six thousand pilgrims under the government scheme has concluded.

The last PIA flight carrying 275 Hujjaj landed in Jeddah on Sunday morning. Under the private scheme, over fifty four thousand pilgrims have also arrived in the holy land.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs’ special facilitation center remained operational at the Jeddah airport throughout the month long flight operation to ensure prompt transportation of Hujjaj to their places of accommodation. On arrival, the center also used to serve Hujjaj with a meal pack comprising juices, biscuits, dates and cake etc. 

According to ministry’s officials, the center will remain operational for the next few days at Jeddah airport. The center will again become functional soon after the Hajj for the post Hajj operation.

Overall one hundred and seventy nine thousand Hujjaj under the government and private schemes are performing hajj this year.

As few days are left before the start of Hajj rituals, millions of Hujjaj from different corners of the world have converged at the holy place to perform the religious obligation.

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