Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong called on Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar in Islamabad on Wednesday to discuss economic cooperation between the two countries.

The Ambassador said we are happy to see Pakistan-China Economic Corridor moving ahead smoothly. He mentioned that currently third round of Pakistan-China Joint Cooperation Committee is going on successfully and mega projects in energy and infrastructure sectors with the help of Chinese Government will bring development and economic progress of Pakistan. He said China as friend will continue to take this relationship to a new height.

He concluded that our traditional friendship is close to the hearts of the Chinese leadership and economic corridor will provide us a framework to bring substantial cooperation on ground.

The Finance Minister said that China has always been great friend of Pakistan and it is an all-weather relationship. He mentioned about the strong cooperation and common stand in international forums by the two countries and appreciated unprecedented support by China. He underlined that the political leadership of both the countries have a common vision and talk of the robust economic cooperation, reducing the differences between the two countries and regional connectivity. He said that credit goes to the leadership of both the countries on convergence of their thinking.

The Finance Minister said that the government is looking forward to expand our relationship to a new height and replace traditional diplomacy with the economic diplomacy. He said that the economic corridor will reduce transportation cost between Pakistan and China and enhance trade and investment for great future of this region.

The Finance Minister further said that the energy and infrastructure projects with the help of Chinese Government will contribute to economic progress of Pakistan and it is recognized by the masses in Pakistan. He hoped that the projects in the pipeline will be completed on time.

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