At his weekly news briefing, Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya says the revelations made by former spokesperson of TTP Ehsansullah Ehsan and the confessional statement of Kulbhushan Yadav are irrefutable proofs against India.India is not only sending spies inside Pakistan to perpetrate terrorism but also using the Afghan soil to destabilize the country.The killing of about 13 Indian RAW agents in the mother of all bombs attack in Afghanistan has once again vindicated our claim. Ehsanullah Ehsan in his revelations has mentioned that Jamaat-ul Ahrar is working on Indian agenda to destabilize Pakistan.The international community should take notice of Indian subversive and terrorist activities.Pakistan has raised this issue in the past and it will continue to take up the issue at all the appropriate forums.

Host : Dr.Shoaib Ahmad 

Analysts on Telephone 

Lt. Gen. Retd. Abdul Qayyum (Defence Expert)


The arrest of Kalbushan Yadev and confessional statement by Ehsanullah Ehsan are significant developments and breakthrough for Pakistan. This is a great victory and credit goes to the government of Pakistan and security agencies. This will help fighting against terrorism. We appeal other people fighting against Pakistan to drop the weapons and work for their country. We need strategy to fight internal and external enemy at the same time. To protect our coming generations, a lot of work is yet to be done. 

Brig. Retd. Said Nazeer Ahmed (Defence Expert)

The confessional statement by Ehsanullah Ehsan has exposed the terrorist activities of TTP in Pakistan. Indian intelligence agency RAW funds these activities, gives the terrorists targets and provide them logistic support as well. With the support of Afghan agency NDS, India has been trying to destabilize Pakistan. Ehsanullah Ehsan is not an ordinary catch as he has been attached with TTP, Jamat-ul-Ahrar and ISIS as well. Now, we should expose Indian real face in front of global community.

 Ali Sarwar Naqvi (Former Ambassador)

India has been badly exposed for its malicious activities. Such activities in neighboring countries are against UN charter. This is against international law and norms and global community should take stern action against India. India is behaving like an irresponsible state. These activities have tarnished Indian image in front of global community.

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert)


The confessional statements by Ehsanullah Ehsan and Kalbushan Yadev have exposed India in front of global community. India is fighting an almost declared war against Pakistan. Keeping in mind history of bilateral relations of two countries, these nefarious activities by India were expected. There is a nexus between extremists in India and Pakistan. The Hindutva philosophy is working in India which strengthens the hands of extremists in Pakistan.


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